The House

Any place in Kismet is a good place to be, but, let's face it, your house is your base of operations. Our home at the beach is easily one of the most beautiful and well-appointed share houses in all of Fire Island. That's what sets Blue View Terrace apart.

By the way, just in case you were wondering where the name comes from, here's the story…

Since we live "the Life of Riley" at our place, we decided long ago to borrow our "address" from the old TV show (and the radio show that preceded it) of the same name. The Rileys lived at 1313 Blue View Terrace, so how could we resist?

BVT has six bedrooms, all on a separate floor from the communal space. Whenever it's your weekend, and you need a nap off the beach, or you just want a minute or two to yourself, you'll have your room. We only put two people in a room, and we do not do bunk beds. It's a summer share house, not a summer camp. Each room has a good-sized closet and plenty of dresser space. Leave what you need at the house, and it will be there waiting for you the next time around. Our house has three full bathrooms and an enclosed outdoor shower, so no worries there.

Let there be light!

Our upstairs communal space is bathed in natural light. Most of the walls aren't wall at all, but wrap-around picture windows. If we could have hung the kitchen cabinets on glass, we might have tried, but it would have blocked the view!

There's plenty of comfy couch space, and a kitchen table that seats sixteen.

This is where the dinners happen, the card games happen, the margarita blending and the mojito muddling happens, and where the occasional outbreak of dancing happens.

And if there's a better place around to sit and read the paper over lunch, we can't imagine it.

The only thing bigger or more beautiful
than our deck is the sky itself.

Last, but absolutely not least, is our incredible rooftop deck. The 800 square feet of decking is enough for us to host major parties, and spacious enough for all of us to catch a sunset without feeling the least bit crowded. Sit back with a mojito while you take in the breathtaking 360° unobstructed view from ocean to bay. Hey, it's the highest point in Kismet! Well, ok, the lighthouse is a bit higher, but they're not doing shares at the lighthouse!

Our rooftop isn't just a gathering place, it's a destination. This is especially true on The Fourth of July, when you can watch the fireworks dancing above six different towns.

For more pictures of the house, the deck, and the surrounding "wildlife", be sure to click on The View before you leave the site. As is inscribed on at least one BVT shirt, "We give good deck"… 'nuff said!

The Amenities

We have everything you need.

Just because you're getting away from it all, that doesn't mean you don't need stuff. Blue View Terrace has every amenity:

So, don't sweat the small stuff. Save the sweating for a run on the beach!

The Food

Seriously, we can't eat all this by ourselves.

The only thing people in Kismet like nearly as much as a good time is a good meal. BVT is no exception. Although, when it comes to food, we are exceptional.

You may have noticed in the Amenities section that we have a fully equipped kitchen and more than a few barbecue grills. Well, we also have three fully stocked fridges.

The most difficult decision you may have to make all day is what to have for lunch — the options can be overwhelming. This is to say nothing of snacks. We're snack ninjas.

But the real deal in our house is dinner. Typical weekend dinners include everything from rib eye steaks and potatoes to striped bass and seasoned catfish, corn on the cob, pasta, veggies, and salad, with a couple of bottles of wine to round things out. We have quite a few chefs and grillmasters in this house. Everyone pitches in.

The People

We are a fun bunch, to say the least!

It's hard to describe the typical BVT person. Not unlike the town in which we live, we may be many things, but we are certainly not typical. Ours is an eclectic crew of professionals and artists with careers in design, law, architecture, film, finance, technology, education, publishing, art, health care… you get the idea.

It's an incredibily friendly bunch of avid beach lovers (twenty-eight and over), all of whom bring something special to the table, in addition to the conversation. If you think you might fit the bill, we'd love to hear from you!

The Location

Everything is right at our doorstep.

Blue View Terrace is located on the singularly secluded beach block of Seabay Walk, flanked on both sides by the National Wildlife Preserve that separates Seabay Beach from Kismet and Saltaire (you can easily see the foliage that gives us so much privacy in the satellite photos).

It's so nice to be away from it all when you want to be!

On the other hand, we are only six houses from the ocean and only five blocks from town (the ferry, The Kismet Inn, Surf's Out and the Kismet Market). We are just off the main road (actually, it's the only road … affectionately referred to by us locals as The Burma Road) that runs from Robert Moses State Park through the entire thirty-one miles of Fire Island.

It's the best of all possible worlds, and downright impossible to get lost!