How many people are in a room? Can I get my own room?
There are two people per room. If you're coming in as a couple or with a friend, we can put you in a room together. Single individuals do not get their own room.
Are children and/or pets allowed at Blue View Terrace?
Sorry, no kids, no kritters… no matter how small, no matter how cute. It just doesn't work out well in a share house. It's a wonder that we can keep that many adult humans in harmony. Kids and kritters have to stay home.
Should I bring my own sheets and towels?
Heck, no! We have plenty of clean linens here at the house, and a housekeeper who comes in every week to make sure it stays that way!
How does the food thing work?

All food expenses are shared equally. We buy almost everything in bulk at Costco (on the mainland) and ship it over, which keeps our costs very low. Our typical weekend food bill (calculated on Sunday morning) is usually somewhere between thirty-five and forty-five bucks per person, which includes all meals, snacks, beer and wine. If you have special dietary needs which cannot be met by Costco, just bring those items out yourself and tell us what you spent. We will simply add that amount to the weekend food bill. We have often had strict vegetarians in the house and it has never been a problem.

The cost of "staples" (long term storage items — everything from paper towels and coffee to olive oil and spices) is also shared by everyone. Some houses charge a "staples fee" (usually about a hundred bucks for a quarter-share) up front, at the start of the season. We have always chosen to spread it out over the course of our six and a half months. A quarter-share person at BVT can expect in the long run to spend about that same hundred bucks on staples, but only a little at a time. A half-share person would spend twice that amount.

Can I bring out a guest?
Yes, but only once or twice, for a nominal guest fee. Weekend guests are full shares on the weekend food bill.
As a weekend share, can I stay midweek?
You have totally free access to the house on any Monday through Friday at any point during our super long season (you can't just "move in" and simply disappear when it's not your weekend… that would be a midweek share), but you are welcome to come out for all or any part of any given week or two as a vacation. There is always a chance you might not be in your regular weekend bed during a midweek (since there are usually three other weekend people who also "own" that bed, and they may have chosen the same vacation week as you. Or, there might be someone with a midweek share who owns that bed from Monday through Friday). But, rest assured, there will always be a place for you to sleep during any midweek.
My schedule can get crazy. What if I want to come out, but it's not my week?
People in the house swap weekends all the time. We also have seventeen Open Weekends in the early (April and May) and late (September and October) portions of our season, when everybody is invited to come out! If you know in advance that you will not be able to come out for one of your scheduled weekends (and you can't find someone who wants to swap weekends with you) let us know and we will try our best to take care of you.