The Life

Slow your roll

Kismet is the western-most hamlet of the thirty-one miles of Fire Island National Seashore. As a protected area, cars (except for an occasional service vehicle, like Lilco or Verizon) are not permitted on the island during summer months, and are restricted to full time residents in the winter. There are no tall buildings, no big hotels, no multi-story condo complexes… no housing of any kind more than thirty feet high. Kismet has only two restaurant/bars, not ten or twenty, like some beach towns.

This has quite a few predictably positive effects, the first and most obvious being the preservation of a place where you will always be able to taste the ocean in the air, and a place that will never be overcrowded or overrun.

Everyone likes a walk on the beach

Being on the western end, Kismet is very accessible. Ferries leave frequently from Bay Shore during the season, but what happens if you miss the last one? Don't panic! You always have the option of taking a cab over the causeway and walking in from Robert Moses State Park, about a half an hour stroll! No matter how you get to Kismet, you will have that magical Friday moment when the air clears, and you'll know that the noise, the crowds, and the problems are back there, and you're on your way here.

Nice catch

Life in Kismet is pretty free and easy. What you do after that first cup of coffee is really up to you. Maybe you'll go for a run along the beach or on the Burma Road between the lighthouse and Fair Harbor. Perhaps a morning swim is more your thing, or maybe you'll grab a rod and try some surfcasting. How about a walk to the market for the morning papers and a bagel? Too late… Bob or Glenn will probably have already done that and left them out for everyone's perusal. Maybe a book, or just some conversation with housemates, or maybe just a beach chair and some sun. It's up to you.

Just your average Kismet afternoon

Be prepared to meet some very friendly people. Unlike the Hamptons where the driving around keeps people from getting to know each other, we have a lot of fun with the other houses in Kismet. Whether it's The Annual Kismet Great Burger Cookoff, the Guac-Off on the beach, or the Pig Roast Fundraiser, the infamous Black Tie/Lingerie/Toga Party (better known as the BLT), a holiday block party, or just getting together on our rooftop deck for sunset cocktails, you'll be meeting plenty of chill folks just like yourself, who you'll look forward to seeing again and again.

Another great ending to a great day

You'll end up seeing them at the beach either way. Then perhaps a glass of wine to wind down, watch the sunset, and get ready for dinner. Don't sweat the night's plans; there'll be some fun at the house, and then a walk over to the Kismet Inn for some live music and a healthy game of pool, or some drinks and dancing over at The Surf's Out. Either way, keep an eye out for your newfound friends from around town. Oh, and leave the heels and the hair product at home. Just find a pair of shorts and a clean tee shirt.

Relax… it's Kismet!