Share Prices and Schedule of Weekends

If you are new to the world of Fire Island and don't know the difference between a quarter-share and a day-tripper, the following paragraphs may initially seem to be written in Greek, but eventually it will all make sense.

For instance:

day-tripper \'dā-,trip-ər\ n : someone who comes out to the beach just for the day and does not even consider staying overnight… unless, of course, he or she happens to get lucky.

If you are already familiar with the lingo, you can just scan the descriptions and prices listed below and then jump to the dates at the bottom of the page.

OK, here comes "The Fine Print"…


Quarter-shares cost $1995 and quarter-share holders (better known simply as "quarter-shares") are entitled to as many as fourteen weekends. Yes, that's right — fourteen weekends for the price of a quarter-share.

As a quarter-share you are GUARANTEED your regular bed in your regular bedroom on ALL SEVEN WEEKENDS marked "A1" or "A2" or "B1" or "B2" on the Schedule of Weekends listed below — PLUS — in addition to your seven regular weekends, you are also invited to come out to the beach as a "standby share" on any seven additional Open Weekends, including all holidays.

Yup, that's right: fourteen weekends for $1995, and you don't have to spend a single holiday weekend stuck at home. Nobody even comes close to matching this deal.

All quarter-shares get totally free mid-week access!


Half-shares go for $3695 and are entitled to as many as twenty-three weekends. Yes, you read that correctly — up to 23 weekends for a half-share.

Half-shares are guaranteed their regular beds in their regular bedrooms on all A1 and A2 weekends, or B1 and B2 weekends, or A2 and B1 weekends, or… well, you get the idea. Pick any two sets of seven designated quarter-share weekends as indicated in the Schedule of Weekends below.

All half-shares get totally free mid-week access!

And remember: ALL half-shares are invited out to the house on all weekends marked "OPEN" — including all holidays — for a total of up to 23 weekends.

Schedule of Weekends - 2018
A1 A2
Weekend Open? Notes
April 13 OPEN
May 11 OPEN
June 8
July 6
August 3
August 31 OPEN Labor Day
September 28 OPEN
Weekend Open? Notes
April 27 OPEN
May 25 OPEN Memorial Day
June 22
July 20
August 17
September 14 OPEN
October 12 OPEN
B1 B2
Weekend Open? Notes
April 20 OPEN
May 18 OPEN
June 15
July 13
August 10
September 7 OPEN
October 5 OPEN Columbus Day
October 26 OPEN Halloween Party
Weekend Open? Notes
May 4 OPEN
June 1
June 29 OPEN Pre-Fourth of July
July 27
August 24
September 21 OPEN
October 19 OPEN

Open Weekends

An open weekend is one wherein all of the weekend shares are invited out to the house, but bedroom beds are specifically designated as A1, A2, B1, or B2, as indicated on the schedule.

Unclaimed bedroom beds and all upstairs "common living area" futon/couch beds are available on all open weekends.

Surprisingly, this does not result in frat-house style chaos, simply because all open weekends (with the exception of the 4th of July) are in the off-season months of April, May, September and October, when only the hard core beachnuts show up. We have been running the house this way for years, so we know it works!

Quarter-shares pick ANY SEVEN of these extra weekends, INCLUDING ANY OR ALL HOLIDAYS. Half-shares get all of them.

List of Open Weekends - 2018

Weekend Beds Notes
April 13 A1
April 20 B1
April 27 A2
May 4 B2
May 11 A1
May 18 B1
May 25 A2 Memorial Day Weekend
June 29 B2 Fourth of July Weekend
August 31 A1 Labor Day Weekend
September 7 B1
September 14 A2
September 21 B2
September 28 A1
October 5 B1 Columbus Day Weekend
October 12 A2
October 19 B2
October 26 B1 Halloween Party


Standby Quarter-Shares

Standby quarter-shares cost $1495 and get you up to 14 weekends. They are available on a very limited basis!

All standby quarter-shares cost $500 less than our "conventional" quarter-shares and your $1495 still buys you all seven designated weekends of a conventional quarter-share. You still have access to any seven Open Weekends, as well as free access to all midweeks and all holidays, so you are still getting 14 weekends, plus totally free midweek access.

BUT… there is a catch:

   Standby shares never have an assigned bed in an assigned bedroom.

You take your chances that a bed in one of our six bedrooms will go unclaimed. This is almost always the case during any midweek. You will always have the first shot at any unclaimed bedroom bed on your designated standby weekend.

If no bed in a bedroom is available, you will find yourself sleeping upstairs in the main living area on one of the two full size futons (these futons are on frames, not on the floor) or on the daybed/couch, which is not bad at all… unless, of course, you like to sleep late in the morning, in which case you might awaken to the sound of the coffee grinder, or the smell of pancakes and bacon.

The standby share is designed for someone who is either low on bucks or simply has no idea in advance of what his or her work schedule will be from day to day. We have had writers, teachers, actors, performance artists, bartenders and freelance film and television people take full advantage of this idea. Obviously, there is never any "bed" guarantee at any time. In the interest of sanity, we have a limit of no more than two designated standby shares per weekend.

Also, please note that standby shares may also be available on a one-week-at-a-time basis. Contact us for availability and pricing.

Regular/Standby Combo

Standby quarter-shares can be combined with regular quarter-shares for $3195.

This still guarantees up to 23 weekends, with a guaranteed bedroom bed on the set of weekends marked A1 or A2 or B1 or B2, as well as a complete set of A1-Standby, A2-Standby, B1-Standby, or B2-Standby. This still includes all Open Weekends and all holidays.

Short-Term Midweek Shares

Short-term midweek shares are also available at our place. The rate for your own bedroom is $110 per person for the first night and $95 for each additional night. If you stay as a couple (or two singles in the same room) for 3 nights at the regular rate, the 4th night is free... which means the two of you can have your own bedroom for a complete midweek (anytime Monday thru anytime Friday afternoon) for a total cost of $600. Singles are also welcome (at the $110/$95 rate). Short term shares are not available on weekends.

Once again, for more info, or to find out when and where our next "open house share party" will be happening, contact us.

Better yet, you might want to think about coming out to the beach for a day and have a first hand look at our house (as well as other available share houses) for yourself. Our address is 35 Seabay Walk. We're at the southwest corner of the Burma Road, just six houses from the ocean. It's the big house with the spiral staircase going up to the roof deck… the house with all the bikes parked out front!