A long shot of the BVT deck.
You'll make good use of it.

Nighttime on the rooftop means
a breeze and glass of wine.

The view from our spiral staircase,
assuming you looked left.

Of course, you can always look right,
so you can check out the surf.

There's plenty of room.
C'mon in.

In case you can't find us, just look up.
We're the highest point in Kismet.

Where the grilling magic happens.

You can see the bay
from our deck as well.

Possibly the best place to take a nap.

A view from the kitchen.
Did we mention we like natural light?

If you must check your email,
at least the view will be nice.

The view from the couch.
Why bother watching TV?

With the sunset views and plenty of space,
the deck is the place to be.

Our founders:
Bob and Bill

We don't call him Bicycle Bill for nothing.
Hop on and go for a ride.

We've been doing this "fun" thing
for a while. We're experts.

The Kismet Great Burger cookoff:
come hungry.

We have a lovely bunch of coconuts,
and even they are chilled out.

The Annual Guac-Off and
Margarita Shoot-Out

The Sandcastle Contest: you'd be
surprised what we can do with sand.

All we need are some tasty waves
and we're okay.

Kismet is only about three blocks wide.
You can see the bay from the beach.

Fire Island, however, is long.
Just drop down a blanket.

The bucks stop here.
(Sorry, couldn't resist)

There isn't much you can't do here, but
you'll have to make your own "wildlife".

The lighthouse at dusk,
as seen from Burma Road.

Gorgeous, ain't she?
Your screensaver is jealous.

Just watching the sun go down.
Get ready for the nightlife.

Sunset on the beach.

It's a marvelous night for a moon dance.
It even looks better from here.

A night at The Kismet Inn.
It's in the way that you use it.

Kick off your shoes,
The beach is calling you.

A weekend away can be a real lifesaver.
Spend them with us.


A 360° view from the BVT deck


A video of sunset on the bay